There is Hope. Pain Relief without Drugs or Surgery.

Regenerative Medicine (EMTXRenew)

Do you suffer with – chronic back or neck pain, DJD,  spondylosis, sciatica, herniation, osteoarthritis in the knees, shoulder, hips, bad ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis or other painful conditions of the spine or joints?  What have you tried? Injections, surgery, braces, ablation, creams, patches, pain pills, supplements, alternative therapies?  Could EMTXRenew Treatment be right for you?

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Auto Injury Care

Coordinated Care = You Out of Pain.  Besides having to get your car fixed, now your body has to get fixed, too.  How can we help simplify your life? What about having a team of spine trauma specialists working together?  Get the right diagnostics, get to the source of the pain, and get a team approach to your care.

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Chiropractic Care

Not feeling quite right in your body?  Wake up with a stiff neck that won’t go away?  Overdo it in Crossfit class? Did a little too much lifting, carrying or shoveling on the weekend?  Can’t perform as well in sports or other activities? We’ve all felt it, but it’s a problem when it doesn’t  go away or keeps you from doing what you love.  Make an appointment today!

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