How our patients’ difficult experiences motivated us –

A few years ago,we had a patient in the clinic who was experiencing terrible knee pain caused by wear and tear on the cartilage. We discussed her options and we referred her out to have knee replacement surgery. In the process of the surgery a nerve was affected and she came out with a “new” knee, but the foot on that side didn’t work after that and she will continue to have walking problems.  

On another occasion, we had a patient come to us when her neck problems had become severe and painful and she was scared. She was self-employed and she did a lot of sewing to help provide for her family. Through the years it was difficult for her to take the time to care for her neck pain until it became so bad she couldn’t work. After the MRI, we had no choice but to refer her out for surgery. Three surgeries later, she was still having significant problems and the pain is still a regular part of her life.  

Although surgery is necessary for some spine and joint conditions, what do you do if you are not a surgical candidate? We simply care a lot about helping our patients and felt like there should be another option. Throughout the years, we’ve offered a variety of non-surgical, non-narcotic pain relief options and they have been effective for the right conditions. But there were still those patients whose cases inspired us to find something better.  Something that didn’t just provide pain relief, but also could repair and renew worn-down, injured or damaged joints and tissues.  Something that could help them avoid surgery if at all possible.

A well-recognized neurosurgeon from University of Buffalo at New York said – “It is my opinion that all options available should be exhausted before having spine surgery.”

Our patients inspired us to find a solution –

There were 3 key things we heard from thousands of patients –

  1. Get me out of pain! (but I don’t want surgery or pain pills)
  2. I want to stay active because I need to / want to…. (fill in the blank).
  3. I don’t want a long recovery time.

Basically, they wanted a non-surgical route that could provide real healing and real pain relief for conditions such as:

  • Osteoarthritis in the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder or other joint
  • Neck or Back Degeneration
  • Spinal Disc Herniation
  • Ligament laxity due to whiplash
  • Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosis, Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar fasciitis or foot pain
  • Pain or sprain of joints

A breakthrough in how we could help our patients –

Imagine a treatment that uses the building blocks of connective tissue to mend and renew without addictive side effects or long recovery. A treatment that not only relieves pain symptoms, but also recognizes and rebuilds damaged, worn out, injured tissues the way nature intended. We call it EMTX Renew™.

What is EMTX Renew™ ?

EMTX Renew™ Treatment includes  – 5 Steps for Optimal Pain Relief and Healing

  1. Source the Pain – What is causing the pain and are you a candidate?
  2. Pristine Product – Verified to provide necessary building materials for connective tissue as well as pain relieving qualities.
  3. Precise Placement –  Identify  and place product in exact areas for enhanced repair and relief.
  4. Specialized Post Procedure Modality –  Stimulate cellular activity in the treated area.
  5. Supportive Therapy Plans – Customized , complimentary, convenient exercise application for use on your device,  available whenever and wherever you decide – home, gym, office, hotel, etc.

This is not a multiple injection series, nor does it require invasive procedures to acquire your own tissue or cells.  

Our Promise to You

We will review the symptoms, medical records and tests for your condition carefully, applying current research and clinical outcomes.  We will offer you our best treatment recommendation or referral even if it is not the treatment we provide in our clinic.

What if pain didn’t get in the way of your life? How would your life improve? Imagine the things you could do without persistent pain holding you back.

Find out if EMTX Renew™ is a solution for your pain.Schedule a consult by calling (801) 756-7800 or submit a request online. Phone consults are available for our out-of-town patients.



I’ve had back pain episodes over the years and chiropractic has helped, but one day my back pain was different. It wasn’t getting better but continued to get worse and it was making it hard for me to walk. I needed to find out if there were other options besides surgery because I have seen so many suffer worse after it.After a very thorough explanation of my condition and going over the MRI with me in detail and all my symptoms, we discussed EMTX Renew™ Treatment. I had a chance of avoiding surgery, and I was excited to try. After the  procedure, I was amazed that I felt relief almost immediately. It’s been months and I have regained my strength and perform my regular activities in which I am very grateful for. I would highly recommend others to have a consult to see if there is a chance their condition may be helped. To be able to do the active things I have done my entire life again is just short of a miracle. ”

-B. Lund


I’ve been told I needed both knees replaced, I’ve tried NSAIDS, pain medications, several different topical pain creams, visco-supplementation or hyaluronic acid (multiple series), special electronic devices for pain and nothing has helped my pain like EMTX Renew™.”
– Deanne S.

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