CASE #1:

Sara had been through 2 back surgeries, epidural injections, facet blocks, ozone injections, pain pills, hours of physical therapy and chiropractic yet she was still in terrible pain…

When I met Sara*, she came to the clinic on a request from a friend. After we ordered a current MRI and it was reviewed by her surgeon, the news was not good. He recommended yet another surgery and she could barely face it.Her concern? How could she go for a third surgery when she felt so frustrated by the pain she was still in from the first two? Not only was she in chronic pain that prevented her from driving anywhere over 20 minutes, now the pain was traveling lower (sciatica) down her leg. Quite frankly, I was concerned, I wanted to give Sara hope, but she had been through a lot already. Would the options I could offer be enough? I needed to review her MRI’s myself to see what we had to work with. Having seen many patients like Sara through the years, I knew that what she needed was hope that pain relief was available somewhere. And if not here what were her options elsewhere? Well, I reviewed the MRI’s and could give her the news with confidence based on my experience.I explained to her how we could use EMTX Renew treatment to heal and relieve her pain by identifying specific areas in her back to address. Within a few days after the procedure, Sara was amazed at how her pain had improved and in a few weeks began feeling as if she could exercise again. In her words – “I have my life back…and I am greatful to the staff at Vista Medical for guiding me along the way. I see Sara regularly in our clinic now using the exercise equipment and occasionally for chiropractic care. It has been over a year and her results have continued. For Sara, this was the solution to the difficult pain she lived with on a daily basis. – Dr. Lee

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CASE #2:

Andrew thought he was going to have to give up hockey for good because even after he’d been to many doctors, his back pain was keeping him from participating in the sport he loved…

Andrew* was referred to our clinic by a friend from out of state.  For the past 30 years his passion has been ice hockey. He had back pain off and on for several years, but didn’t let it keep him from playing hockey until the pain became too bad. Now what could he do? What non-surgical options did he have for debilitating back pain? He had been to several doctors, tried chiropractic, physical therapy, spinal decompression and prescription pills. He skeptically watched his friend who had EMTX Renew™ Treatment to see if her pain relief lasted more than just a few weeks.   After several months, she was still doing well and she had returned to doing the things she loved. Andrew finally decided to mail his MRI’s to the clinic for a phone consult to review his case in detail. I wondered myself if he could get the relief he needed to participate in such an active and competitive sport. I could see from his MRI’s that this procedure would be effective in his case. Now he had to decide – Was it worth the time, travel, and cost?  This is what Andrew had to say after he received the EMTX Renew™ procedure – I have been able to resume playing hockey, something I never thought I would be able to do again. I am able to enjoy everyday activities with my family and continue an active lifestyle in my 50’s.”  For Andrew, EMTX Renew gave him new hope and life without pain to continue an active lifestyle. – Dr. Lee

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Back Pain Symptoms

  • Do you wake up with a stiff back?
  • Does your pain keep you from certain activities?
  • Have you been told you will need surgery or are you already considering surgery?
  • Are you active and have back pain episodes that are increasing in frequency and severity?
  • Have you felt a “pop” followed by back pain or spasms?
  • Do you take medications for back pain?
  • Do you have back pain that radiates into your buttock or down your leg?
  • Do you have problems with your sciatic nerve?
  • Do you have numbness or tingling in your feet or toes?
  • Have you been told you have degenerative disc disease, spondylosis, arthritis, stenosis or bone spurs?  
  • What about herniated, bulged or protruded disc?
  • Did you hurt your back and since then you’ve never been the same?
  • Have you tried everything to get rid of your back pain with no success?


Think of a life without chronic, debilitating back pain.

Now, imagine a treatment that uses the building blocks of connective tissue to mend and renew without addictive side effects or long recovery. A treatment that not only relieves pain symptoms, but also recognizes and rebuilds damaged, worn out, injured tissues the way nature intended. We call it EMTX Renew™.

What is EMTX Renew™ ?

EMTX Renew™ Treatment includes  5 Steps for Optimal Pain Relief and Healing

  1. Source the Pain – what is causing the pain and are you a candidate?
  2. Pristine Product – convenient and qualified to provide necessary building materials for connective tissue as well as pain relieving qualities.
  3. Precise Placement – identify exact areas for enhanced repair and relief.
  4. Specialized Post Procedure Modality –  encourages cell repair activity to start immediately.
  5. Supportive Therapy Plans – customized , complimentary, convenient exercise application for use on your device,  available whenever and wherever you decide – home, gym, office, hotel, etc.

This is not a multiple injection series, nor does it require invasive procedures to acquire your own tissue or cells.  

Our Promise to You

We will review the symptoms, medical records and tests for your condition carefully, applying current research and clinical outcomes.  We will offer you our best treatment recommendation or referral even if it is not the treatment we provide in our clinic.

What if back pain didn’t get in the way of your life? How would your life improve?Imagine the things you could do without irritating back pain.

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*actual patients whose names have been changed.

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