Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if this is right for me?
    We’ve been able to help many people with neck, back, knee, foot  and other areas of pain to help them get back to doing the things they love.  To find out if EMTXRenew treatment could benefit you,  call our care team today to set up a complimentary consult  –  801-756-7800.
  2. What is the difference between the tissue you use in an EMTXRenew Procedure and adult or my own stem cells?
    One big difference is that in the  EMTXRenew Procedure, we use a placental-derived tissue matrix that is made up of brand new, unaged cellular building materials such as proteins and collagen.  All the components required to rebuild injured or damaged tissues are present as well as natural substances that relieve pain.  To read more about this  – please click here.
  3. How long does it take and how many times?
    Same day procedure typically takes no more than one hour for most conditions.
  4. How long is the recovery?
    There is no sedation involved and patients are able to walk out on their own after  they have been monitored for a short time.
  5. How does the doctor know where to place the tissue for healing?
    Based on review of your diagnostic imaging (x-rays/MRI) and through the use of video-fluoroscopy or ultrasound, he can target the exact areas where the tissue matrix should be placed for tissue repair.
  6. What if I live out-of-town?
    We’ve had patients fly or drive from out-of-state to have this procedure performed due to its value, and convenience. See our Info for Out-of-Town Patients  for more details.   For additional questions about local accommodations, our care team can help you by calling 801-756-7800.
  7. Does my health insurance pay for the EMTXRenew treatment?
    These types of procedures, like other regenerative medicine procedures are considered elective or non-covered by insurance companies.  We accept regular forms of payment: cash, check, or credit card.
  8. What is the cost for treatment like this?
    Without reviewing your condition specifically, the estimated cost for the EMTXRenew Treatment is between $3000-$7000 per area.  This cost varies depending on the condition, the procedure, and the area(s) treated. To determine if this treatment would be right for you, please schedule a complimentary consult.
  9. Does everyone qualify for this treatment?
    No, not everyone.  As a matter of fact, due to our specialized training and experience, we are able to review diagnostics and give you an expert opinion of whether or not EMTXRenew would be beneficial for your problem(s) and refer you out if necessary.

What can it hurt to find out?  We have free phone and office consult appointments to assess your specific problem.  Request an appointment by calling 801-756-7800.

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We have been able to help patients of all ages with their pain or injuries so they can get back to doing things they love. Our Care Team can schedule a phone or office consult for you by calling 801-756-7800.

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