CASE #1:

Meghan, an avid runner suffered a whiplash injury that was not getting better with regular treatment…

Meghan* had been an avid runner before the car accident. Since the accident, trying to run was accompanied by chronic neck pain that went into her upper traps. It just wasn’t fun because she could barely go a mile. She had received chiropractic care for many months before she was referred to us by her chiropractor for a second opinion. What could she do to get back her life and run without the constant pain? First, she had a trigger point injection to see if that would give the relief she was hoping for. It helped for a short time, but still did not give her long term relief from the pain. Then she opted to have the EMTXRenew procedure and follow-up with some specific physical therapy to address her whiplash pain. After a few months she gradually started running again and 10 weeks after her procedure was up to running 4 miles at a time. Meghan’s neck pain was keeping her from her from participating in an activity she loved.

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CASE #2:

Gerald’s painful, degenerative neck kept him from being able to raise his head without support from his hand…

Gerald,* a retired man approaching his 80’s, had such a painful degenerated neck that he had to support his chin with his hand to talk with people face-to-face. He decided to give the EMTXRenew treatment a try as a last resort. After a few days his family noticed that he was talking to them without supporting his chin. They also noticed he was holding his head a little higher and standing a little taller. Upon examination, his muscles supporting his neck were not as tight as they were before. For Gerald, this was a significant improvement.

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Neck Pain Symptoms

  • Do you wake up with a stiff neck?
  • Does your neck pain keep you from certain activities?
  • Have you been told you will need surgery or are you already considering surgery?
  • Are you active and have frequent neck pain episodes that are increasing in severity?
  • Do you have frequent headaches (more than 1 per week)?
  • Do you feel like your neck is restricted when you try to turn it right or left, forward or back?
  • Do you take medications for neck pain?
  • Have you been told you have radiculopathy or a pinched nerve?
  • Do you have neck pain that radiates into your shoulders or arms?
  • Do you have numbness or tingling in your fingers or hands at night or during the day?
  • Have you been told you have degenerative disc disease, spondylosis, arthritis, stenosis or bone spurs?  What about herniated, bulged or protruded disc?
  • Have you experienced an injury where your head was thrown forward and back with some force (whiplash)?
  • Have you experienced  a neck injury that contributed to regular headaches afterwards?
  • Have you tried everything to get rid of your neck pain without success?

Think of a life without disabling neck pain.

Now, imagine a treatment that uses the building blocks of connective tissue to mend and renew without addictive side effects or long recovery. A treatment that not only relieves pain symptoms, but also recognizes and rebuilds damaged, worn out, injured tissues the way nature intended. We call it EMTX Renew™.

What is EMTX Renew™ ?

EMTX Renew™ Treatment includes  5 Steps for Optimal Pain Relief and Healing

  1. Source the Pain – what is causing the pain and are you a candidate?
  2. Pristine Product – convenient and qualified to provide necessary building materials for connective tissue as well as pain relieving qualities.
  3. Precise Placement – identify exact areas for enhanced repair and relief.
  4. Specialized Post Procedure Modality –  encourages cell repair activity to start immediately.
  5. Supportive Therapy Plans – customized , complimentary, convenient exercise application for use on your device,  available whenever and wherever you decide – home, gym, office, hotel, etc.

This is not a multiple injection series, nor does it require invasive procedures to acquire your own tissue or cells.  

Our Promise to You

We will review the symptoms, medical records and tests for your condition carefully, applying current research and clinical outcomes.  We will offer you our best treatment recommendation or referral even if it is not the treatment we provide in our clinic.

What if back pain didn’t get in the way of your life? How would your life improve?Imagine the things you could do without irritating back pain.

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*actual patients whose names have been changed.

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